Trimmer attachments – 2

Насадки для триммера

Continued. The following attachments are shown here:
— Attachment Hedge Trimmer for cutting hedges and shrubs;
— Attachment lawn Aerator for the destruction of a crust on the surface of the lawn;
— Attachment Trimmer Trolley;
— Attachment Boat motor;
— Attachment Snow thrower to clean paths and the ground of snow;
— Attachment Blower for blowing fallen leaves from paths;
— Attachment Edger to align the edges of flower beds and lawns.
Let’s take a closer look at trimmer attachments. 

As mentioned in the previous review, attachments for trimmer can be joined in one of 3 methods —  a reducer on the bottom of the trimmer, instead of the drive shaft near the motor and the method of separation of the drive shaft tube in the middle (in the models where it is by design).

Trimmer Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Насадка для триммера Садовые ножницыAttachment hedge trimmer is designed for cutting hedges and bushes curly — two versions of different lengths for different situations. The maximum diameter of the branches — 20 mm. The length of the cutting edge (solid, two-way) — 55 cm. Weight — 2 kg. The apparatus can operate at an angle of 180°.

Trimmer attachments – lawn Aerator

Trimmer attachments – lawn AeratorAttachment «lawn Aerator» is designed to saturate with air the upper layer of soil (by piercing). This is especially important for lawns older than 5 years old with thick roots. Also, it is designed to break a crust on the soil surface after rain or irrigation. Working width — 20 cm.

Trimmer Trolley Attachment

Насадка для триммера Опорное колесоThe new wheel for trimmer facilitates work trimmer with attachments. This attachment can be mounted on the trimmer at different positions, which ensures its versatility. Wheel allows you to maintain the same cutting height of the lawn, and the same depth and width of the processing when working Beveller in flowerbeds and garden paths. The nozzle is equipped with two support wheels for Beveller or one wheel for trimmer. Also, the support wheel can be used with a blower or brush.

Trimmer Attachments — Boat motor

Насадки для триммера Лодочный моторAttachment «Boat motor» is designed for rubber, wood and metal boats with transom height up to 36 cm. Depending on the power of the engine trimmer, counter-current and headwinds, the boat can reach speeds up to 20 km / h (!) with a fuel consumption of about 1 liter. per hour (depending on the load). Attachment boat motor assembly — the adapter to connect to the trimmer, drive propeller, control knob, the retention mechanism on the boat, etc. First you have to remove the drive shaft trimmer, cable and wire management. Need to connect to the engine the propeller, accelerator cable and wire to the engine. Frequently, the attachment «boat motor» is bought by fishermen, hunters and those who live near the water, or reach on the water. Lack of attachment «boat motor» — is the noise (fishermen and lovers of silence also need paddles). When selecting attachment boat motor it is necessary to pay attention to the drive shaft attachment slots were the same as on the drive shaft trimmer.

Trimmer Attachments — Snow thrower

Насадки для триммера СнегоуборщикAttachment snow thrower is intended for removal of fresh snow garden paths and parking. Productivity — 160 kg / min, width of capture — 30 cm, height of capture — 15 cm.

Trimmer Add-On Turbo-Blower

Насадка для триммера ВоздуходувкаAttachment Blower is designed for blowing fallen leaves, grass clippings and small debris from paths, lawns, playgrounds. The narrow nozzle is used for maximum flow to blow away in remote places, as well as wet and sticky foliage. air flow rate: 230 km / h. The air intake in the upper portion of the plastic body, which eliminates clogging and blowing from the front surface parallel to the ground. Trimmer Blower Attachment Service does not need to.

Trimmer Attachments — Edger

Насадка для триммера КромкорезAttachment Edger designed to align and beautifully design edge lawns, pathways and flowerbeds. Large guide wheel keeps you on a straight path.

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