Trimmer attachments – 1

Насадки для триммера

The following attachments are shown here:
(the information is intended for residents of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
— Attachment Drill for petrol trimmer (works without electricity);
— Attachment Runner wheels, to work with a brush;
— Attachment Lopper, working on the principle of a handsaw;
— Attachment Cultivator to loosen  flower beds;
— Attachment Chainsaw to cut branches to a height of 4.5 meters from the ground;
— Attachment Reducer, for instance, as a motor for a bicycle;
— Attachment Water pump for pumping water from a well or lake;
— Attachment Bristle and Sweeper Brush for garden paths and lawns. 
The trimmer head includes a variety of metal and plastic blades for mowing grass and cutting tree trunks, bushes and branches with a diameter of up to 14 cm.

Trimmer Attachments are attached to the trimmer in one of three ways: a reducer on the bottom of the trimmer, instead of the drive shaft near the motor and the method of separation trimmer pipe in the middle. The motor of a trimmer can operate in any position and has a high power density (power in relation to weight), it is also compact and reliable, it can be used with many attachments, which are presented below.

Trimmer Attachments — Drill

Насадка для триммера дрельAttachment Drill is a nozzle for a petrol trimmer (for such drills electricity is not necessary). In addition, a gasoline drill has higher capacity, reliability and durability (as compared to an electric drill). The enormous torque on the drill provides a reduction gear with a ratio of 17:1. Available cartridges 3 sizes. With the Echo trimmer specifications: engine capacity — 25.4 cm3, capacity -. 0.68 kW / 0.92 hp, weight (dry) — 4.7 kg.

Trimmer Runner wheels Attachment

Насадка для триммера Ходовые колёсаUsed in conjunction with a blower or other attachments for trimmer as needed. Very comfortably to use running wheels for trimmer with a brush — a brush can be lifted to reduce friction on the surface (it is easier to operate, less wear, better results and enjoy their work).

Trimmer Attachments — Pruning Lopper

Насадка для триммера СучкорезAttachment Lopper is designed for cutting twigs and branches to a height of 4.5 m. The appointment is the same as that of the attachment Pole Saw, but if the Pole Saw works on the principle of a chainsaw, that Lopper works on the principle of a hacksaw. Blade length — 10 cm. Speed — 2000 strokes per minute. Weight — 2.1 kg.

Trimmer Cultivator Attachment

Насадка для триммера КультиваторAttachment cultivator designed for loosening the soil in flowerbeds, flower beds, greenhouses, small vegetable gardens, around trees and shrubs. Diameter cutters — 20 cm. Turnovers cutter — 180 / min. Works width — 12-24 cm (depending on the engine power trimmer). Weight — 5 kg. The disadvantage of this cultivator is its light weight (trimmer attachments) — it handles well the top layer, especially newly tilled soil. However, on solid ground, it scratches the surface, but the soil does not climb. Also, it is impossible to pres the cutter hard as it may bend the pipe and damage the trimmer or cultivator.

Trimmer Attachments — Chainsaw

Насадка для триммера ВысоторезAttachment Pole Saw is designed for cutting branches and bushes up to 15 cm thick and thinning crowns of trees to a height of 4.5 m from the ground. It is found near the gear oil tank in the housing with the connecting hole. Bar length — 21 cm. When selecting a nozzle Chainsaw is necessary to check whether the same in the head and trimmer on the size and shape of the splines of the drive shaft.

Trimmer reducer (Reducer attachment for trimmer)

Насадка для триммера РедукторAttachment reducer for trimmer can be used as a motor for a bicycle, moped, kart, ATV, snowmobile, etc. Reducer reduces the speed engine 5 times. You can change the direction of the output shaft. You can also change the drive sprocket — to put an asterisk with any number of teeth, thus select the desired gear ratio.

Trimmer Attachments — Water pump

Насадка для триммера Водяная насосAttachment water pump allows you to pump water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wells, etc. for watering the garden, washing the car, domestic water, pool filling, pumping water out of the cellar, etc. The height of water lift — 8 m. Range of pumping water — 30 m.

Trimmer Attachments – Bristle and Sweeper Brush Attachment

Насадка для триммера ЩёткаTrimmer Brush Attachments — rotating brush effectively sweeps debris without damaging the surface. This attachment for trimmer is designed for sweeping garden paths, areas, fallen leaves, cut grass to cleaning the surface of the lawn, removing the moss. Especially effective brush with wheels for trimmer. It can be made as a brush (as pictured), but can be a rubber roller (as in the video). Width — 60 cm.

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13 thoughts on “Trimmer attachments – 1”

  1. Attachment on the gas trimmer or weed wacker, specifically the cultivator? on any trimmer fit ??

    1. When choosing attachments for a trimmer in a store or on the market, it is necessary to look at how you will connect this cultivator to your trimmer in practice — the connection method (a pipe detachable in the middle, or instead of a reducer, or you need to remove the entire pipe, and put the nozzle). Also it is necessary to look at the diameter of the pipe at the junction and, most importantly, it is necessary that the splines of the drive shaft on your trimmer and the selected attachment of the cultivator come up. If you select an attachment for the trimmer in the online store, you should definitely consult the seller to attach the attachments to your trimmer.

  2. Where to buy the nozzle drill, it is the nozzle, and not the whole gas drill?

  3. Interestingly, such a hinged equipment for gasoline trim tabs is suitable for electric trimmers?

    1. I think this hinged equipment is suitable for electric trimmers. It is only necessary to dismantle the metal knife or trimmer head and install a brush or a chainsaw. Anything above the clutch remains the same, regardless of whether the petrol is a motor or an electric one.

  4. In America and Canada they say «Gas trimmer». And in Great Britain and Australia they say «Petrol trimmer».

  5. Husqvarna 327LDx trimmer brush
    The spade will quickly turn out and without expenses for gasoline )

    1. Why always shovel? That’s more interesting. And everyone hears that the owner trimmer snow cleans) And when there is experience, then the efficiency will increase.

  6. I have such a combined Stihl device. But, except the brush did not buy anything. Attachments are individual devices (including such a brush). The combined trimmer is no longer produced. I think, because of the greed of the manufacturer.
    The brush rips off the trampled snow to the tile / asphalt and is also used in the summer. The expensive snow nozzle, such as the video, only cleans the snow a little thicker.

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