Gas Trimmer

The Purpose of a gas trimmer

Gasoline trimmer(Below are the History of gas trimmers; the Future of Trimmers; the Structure of Trimmers; and the Classification of Trimmers)
The gas trimmer (petrol trimmer) is an instrument designed for cutting grass with a trimmer head or a metal blade. The foundational purpose of a trimmer is to trim a lawn in places that are unavailable to a lawnmower (around trees, bushes, around walls and fences, and on sloped surfaces). Also a trimmer is designed for independent mowing or touching up after grass has been cut by a tractor or a riding mower (for different seeds and types of grass). A gas trimmer (a petrol trimmer) for cutting different types of grass involves the choosing of an appropriate blade or trimmer head. Grass may be tall, straight, sparse, or matted; accordingly, there are blades can be selected from metal hay blades, metal universal, or a light plastic blade or trimmer head. Also, with the help of a trimmer one can cut large weeds (with a weed whacker), bushes, branches, and young trees with a diameter of up to 14 cm (with a disk for cutting). Trimmers or bush-cutters are used for gardening (in cities, towns, and villages), farming, forestry, roadside work, utility, or railroad service.

History of gas trimmers

Gas trimmer-History

  • 1953 — British farmer William Thomas designed the world’s first trimmer «Jetcut Hedgetrimmer».
  • 1960 — The Japanese company ECHO produces the world’s first petrol trimmer knapsack (backpack trimmers), or gas trimmer knapsack.
  • 1966 — The Company ECHO releases the first trimmer with a straight shaft (in the form we know today).
  • 1966 — ECHO produces the world’s first trimmer with a diaphragm carburetor and sealed fuel system allowing the trimmer to operate in any position.
  • 1990 — ECHO begins to commercially install electric starters on the gas trimmers.
  • 1992 – ECHO begins production of trimmers with a separate lubrication system, allowing use for refueling trimmers with pure gasoline (not plant oil).
  • 1994 — ECHO produces the most powerful gasoline trimmer with a two-cylinder boxer engine.
  • 1999 – The Japanese company Shindaiwa produces the world’s first trimmer with extended rod for connection to trimmers, pole pruners nozzle (for trimming tree branches with a height of up to 4 meters).
  • 2002 — Shindaiwa produces the world’s first 4-stroke trimmer.
  • 2009 — LEHR released the world’s first trimmer with the engine running on propane (eco-friendly).
  • 2010 – The Japanese company Maruyama starts production of premium trimmers.

The Future of gas trimmers

Gas trimmer - Robot-mower• Robot-mower (biomechanical humanoid robot), which during operation is able to adjust to the existing conditions of mowing (fully automatic). Powered by GPS, the downloaded, pre-master program or via the mobile Internet. The operator (host) can see through the «eyes» of the robot (on the screen), what it does, and the situation around the robot in order to correct its actions a program installed on your computer or smartphone. Tests have shown that the robot mows very fast — speed and movement of the knife are equally fast, regardless of the load. This knife accurately replicates the surface area and cuts around trees without any grazing, shrubs, saplings, poles, corners, along the walls, and so on. But, if it is necessary, in a flower bed between flowers (as an example), then the operator (the owner) takes control with their hands and gives commands to the robot with a computer: knife «slightly ahead», «a little backward,» «a little to the left,» «just right», a little faster, » etc. The robot mower and trimmer gasoline work without reducing the time of the task. The robot is equipped with a compact laser (which allows you to see the robot in the dark, fog or smoke), surveillance camera (with a circular view), infrared sensor, two radars and eight ultrasonic sensors. In the dark, lights are automatically switched on and illuminated zone cutting (see video) on the robot can adjust the gas trimmer -. This can be performed without interrupting the process of mowing. Additionally, the robot can talk and show feelings (joy, affection, resentment, anger) refueling. On the chest of the robot there is a button to turn it off. Buying a petrol trimmer with a robot mower will be priced around 5-6 times that of a good riding mower. At the moment, the leadership of the manufacturer approves all the legal formalities.

The world’s first trimmer performance from 0.3 to 1.5 ha / hour — trimmer with automatic extension of the main pipe to the left and right side of the tapered strip (trimmer with a working width of 6.5 m.), And with a knife, like gardening scissors (length knife — 1.25 m).
The world’s first trimmer with automatic accelerator — the petrol engine rpm gas trimmer selects independently depending on the load on the blade (depending on the thickness of the grass and the speed of the operator). In the middle of steering — the instrument panel like a car.
• Really quiet trimmer with an active resonator (scavenge the exhaust gases from the cylinder) and a silencer as in the car (Silent trimmer).
• The world’s first carbon-fiber trim for one-handed operation, the gas trimmer weight — 920 grams.
Cordless Trimmer power of 13 kW (18 hp), weight — 5.5 kg, and the time of battery life up to 10 hours (use several batteries of the new development with the capacity increased several times).

The Construction of gas trimmers…

Gas trimmer - ConstructionThe classic trimmer consists of a gasoline or an electric motor located in the upper part of the rod (an electric motor can also be located at the bottom of the rod) along with all of the systems and mechanisms. Also a trimmer consists of a straight rod drive shaft (or curved rod rope drive) with a wheel to turn the dial. Additionally the cutting equipment, consists of a gearbox (without the gear when the drive rope), a knife or a trimmer head, the plastic protection and fastening components. The benefits of a trimmer include autonomy (a gas trimmer is not tied to an electrical outlet or a battery) and high power, allowing you to mow vegetation on a relatively large area. Disadvantages of a trim include noise, smoke and vibration. Also, the need for special knowledge and skills for maintenance of the petrol trimmer or to use the services of a specialized service center may be a disadvantage for some.

Classification of trimmers

Gas trimmer - Classification

  1. Gas trimmers are a household tool for removing grass, the main working body of which is the trimmer head. It is wound on a reel fishing line, the ends of which are brought out by the trimmer head. The trimmer bobbin spins at speeds of up to 10,000 rev / min. and centrifugal force extends to cut the grass. The drive trimmer head is often made flexible metal cable.
  2. Trimmers are semi-gasoline tools for cutting grass and weeds, the main working body of which is the metal knives of various designs and purposes. Torque from the engine is transmitted to the working body, as a rule, by a direct metal shaft, located in the bar trimmers.
  3. Brush Cutters are a professional tool (trimmer petrol) for the cutting of young trees and bushes up to 14 cm thick, the main working body of which is a saw blade. Bush-cutting machines are characterized by high reliability, flexibility and cost.
  4. Electric Trimmers are household tools for cutting grass using a trimmer head or a metal knife, which uses the electricity grid as a power source. Location of the motor can be both upper and lower. Advantages: ease of use and maintenance, silence, the absence of vibrations and gasoline costs. Disadvantages: limited range of operation due to the supply cable length.
  5. Cordless Trimmers are household tools for removing grass, using a trimmer head, which uses a battery for a power source. The engine position and advantages when compared to a gas trimmer are the same as Electric Trimmers. Disadvantages: limited to the duration of the battery capacity.

Manufacturers of gas trimmers

Gas trimmer - ManufacturersGas trimmers are produced by such popular brands (such world famous manufacturers) as STIHL from Germany, Husqvarna from Sweden, VIKING from Austria, Partner from Sweden, MTD from the USA, ECHO from Japan. Other producers include: Makita (Japan), SOLO (Germany), AL-KO (Germany), Oleo-Mac (Italy), Efco (Italy), Jonsered (Sweden), Hitachi (Japan), Shindaiwa (Japan).

Gas Trimmer Attachments

Gas trimmer - AttachmentsA gas trimmer is a special tool, which has a number of unique qualities — the engine has high productivity, rotation, compactness and reliability. These qualities allow the use of trimmers or mowers with a large number of nozzles. If you use even a part of the 15 nozzles special for trimmer, its capacity is greatly enhanced:

  1. The Drill attachment allows you to make the petrol trimmer a powerful and reliable drill, working on gasoline (if compared with an electric drill), which does not require electricity.
  2. Wheels allow you to use the trimmer with brushes for brushing or sweeping more comfortably.
  3. The Lopper trimmer attachment allows you to cut branches located at a height of up to 4.5 m, In this process, the nozzle does not work like a chainsaw (as pole pruners), but more like a hacksaw.
  4. The Cultivator attachment allows trimmers to work in small flower beds, as well as work on the beds of greenhouses.
  5. Pole pruners makes it possible to file down branches and thin out trees of up to 4.5-meter height with a trimmer.
  6. The gearbox attachment allows you to use the gasoline trimmer as a motor bicycle or other self-propelled vehicle.
  7. The «Water pump» trimmer attachment can pump water from anywhere for domestic use: to wash the car, water the garden, etc.
  8. A soft brush and rubber roll – allow you to clear leaves from paths, or freshly mowed grass.
  9. With the clippers attachment you can trim your hedge into special and ornamental shrubs.
  10. Aerator destroys the soil crust in a lawn after heavy watering or rain and saturates the soil and lawn with air.
  11. The Running wheel attachment can be mounted on a rod trimmer in various configurations, which makes this wheel very versatile, allowing you to use a gas trimmer (petrol trimmer) with attachments more efficiently.
  12. An outboard motor attachment leads to the motor boat from the trimmer.
  13. The snow blower attachment allows you to clean backyard paths and yards of fresh snow with a trimmer.
  14. Blower allows you to use a gasoline trimmer to blow debris and leaves from gardens paths, courtyards and lawns.
  15. The «Beveller» attachment is used for trimming the edges of lawns or flowerbeds.

7 мыслей о “Gas Trimmer”

  1. Валерий:

    * Gas trimmers — the main thing.
    It is wiser to choose trimmers and brush cutters from a reputable manufacturer (eg — Husqvarna and Stihl), with a direct drive shaft (drive cable is considered less reliable and durable) and a metal blade (trimmer head crushes the grass).

    * Advantages of the petrol trimmer:
    — Mowing down any vegetation (grass and bushes of varying thickness to young trees);
    — Mowing of any irregularities (where a lawn mower or tractor-mounted mower can not mow);
    — Mowing between any obstacles (between flowers, shrubs, trees, along walls, fences, etc.).

    * Disadvantages of the gas trimmer:
    — Hard to mow: vibration, roar, smoke (it is better to work for 4-5 hours a day or mow with a partner);
    — Low productivity on a field;
    — It is ifficult to maintain the desired cutting height (important when mowing the lawn).

  2. WARNINGS from Husqvarna.

    1. Do not change the equipment design (gas trimmer, trimmers, brushcutter) without the permission of the manufacturer! Use only Husqvarna parts. Operation of petrol trimmer with various discrepancies will result in serious injury to the user or bystanders.

    2. If the gasoline trimmer works in an enclosed space, it creates a risk of death due to asphyxiation or poisoning by intoxication.

    3. If you do not believe in your ability to repair and maintenance of trimmers, brush cutters, gas trimmers, then contact the service center of your authorized dealer or service workshop for Husqvarna and repair techniques.

  3. WARNINGS from Husqvarna (similar in Stihl, and other manufacturers).

    1. Clearing saws (grass trimmers, gas trimmers, brushcutters), brush cutters and trimmers is potentially dangerous!
    2. Follow the safety instructions regarding the mower and the people around you.
    3. Before working tool (petrol trimmer — trimmers or brush cutter) Read and understand the manual.

  4. Professional lawn care and urban areas require the proper storage of equipment: Gas trimmers, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, chain saws, lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers, mowers, riders, garden tractors, tools, spare parts, fuel, special clothes, shoes, accessories, transport and much more.

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