Adjusting the carburetor Husqvarna

carburettor adjustment trimmer

Carburettor adjustment trimmer is made to improve engine performance when:

  • Engine Break-in period has ended (after using the first 4-5 l. Of fuel);
  • A change in part of the fuel mixture (octane gasoline and oil brand);
  • A substantial change in air temperature and depression (altitude, heat, cold, frost);
  • The beginning of trimmer season (after winter storage);
  • Lack of confidence in the excellent work of the engine and to maximize efficiency trimmer;
  • Adjusting screws themselves cranked vibration;
  • Changing the engine load.

Fine adjustment of the carburettor trimmer Husqvarna:

— First, perform maintenance of the trimmer (wash the trimmer and engine, replace the spark plug, remove small defects).
— Be sure to wash the foam air filter element. Wash element in warm water with soap, then wring out and dry (or replace it if it is old or damaged).
Note: If you adjust the carburetor on the trimmer with a dirty air filter, the air filter after cleaning the fuel mixture will be much poorer (as a result — a bad job or even engine failure).
carburettor adjustment trimmer
— Set the trimmer head with the maximum cord diameter and a standard length (up to the cutting knife additional protection), to create a load on the engine during high speed adjustment screw carburetor.
carburettor adjustment trimmer
— Start the engine according to the user’s guide and warm up for 10 minutes (if idling trimmer head rotates, then rotate the idling screw counterclockwise until the trimmer head has stopped).
carburettor adjustment trimmer
— Carefully turn both screws (L and H) to the middle position between the extreme positions (not rotate the stopper!, this can damage the engine). Carburetor adjustment trimmer.
— To adjust the carburetor trimmer has three adjustment screws: H (left), L (right) and T (idle screw, bottom).

1) Right screw L — adjusts the enrichment of the fuel mixture at low speed (the first regulated):
Find the highest idling speed by slowly turning the screw to the right and to the left.
Then turn the screw ¼ turn counterclockwise.
Note: Store the right screw was loosened completely (0.5 turns). Now he looks at «11 o’clock».
carburettor adjustment trimmer
2) Lower the screw T — Adjustment of idling of the engine (if necessary):
— Turn the screw clockwise to increase idle speed;
— Turn the screw counterclockwise reduces turnover.

Adjusting the idle speed is correct, if:

  1. Cold engine evenly idling.
  2. Hot engine does not have a very high idling speed.
  3. Before the start of the rotation trimmer head is an adequate supply of revolutions.
  4. The engine operates uniformly at any position (e.g., a sharp knife is lowered).

Note: The recommended engine idle speed after adjusting the carburetor trimmer Husqvarna — 2.900 / min.
carburettor adjustment trimmer
3) Left screw H — adjusts the enrichment of the fuel mixture for a high speed (governed by the latter).
Screw adjust maximum speed, engine power, temperature and fuel consumption.
Husqvarna Engine can operate at maximum speed less than 10 seconds!

  • Fully open the throttle and slowly turn the screw clockwise until the engine speed is reduced (by ear).
  • Then turn the screw very slowly clockwise until the engine begins to run unevenly.
  • Then again, turn the screw clockwise until the engine begins to run until evenly.

carburettor adjustment trimmer
Note: The recommended maximum engine speed after adjusting the carburetor trimmer Husqvarna — 11.500 / min.
Note: The new Husqvarna trimmer left screw was loosened completely (0.5 turns) and blocked (filled) hard plastic, which I drilled when the warranty period is ended. Now, the left and right screws are looking for about «11 o’clock.»

How to check the correct adjustment of the carburettor trimmer or brushcutters:
The engine quickly, smoothly and steadily gaining momentum, and a little trembling at maximum speed. Trimmer head idling does not rotate.

Now carburettor adjustment trimmer completed.

carburetor adjustment trimmer

Reference. Read to know what you’re doing!
The desired composition (quality) of a mixture of fuel and air is adjusted (changed) by turning the adjustment screws in the fuel supply flow of air drawn in (right and left). Number of mixture enters the cylinder controls the throttle.
If the screws are turned clockwise, it is drawn into the cylinder of depleted fuel mixture (less fuel in the air / fuel) and engine speed increase. And Husqvarna engine runs smoother (slowly gaining momentum), and greatly reduced power. Furthermore, the high speed at a lean fuel mixture supplied to the cylinder oil is less (worse lubricant) and can cause damage to the engine. In addition, the trimmer will have bad start.
If the screws are rotated counter-clockwise, it is drawn into the cylinder fuel mixture richer (more fuel in the air / fuel ratios). And the engine speed decreases, and at low speed in the cylinder gets more gasoline and oil (better torque, better lubrication). But Husqvarna engine accelerates poorly (poor grows) and the cylinder have more soot!

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