Chainsaw attachments — 3

Chainsaw attachments — For Geological Sampling

Chainsaw attachments for Geological SamplingThis attachment is designed for the extraction of geological samples by drilling in hard rock. It is also used in case of accidents, fires and rescue operations. The adapter is made of anodised high strength aluminum alloy, the tip — heavy diamond drill bit with stainless steel shank. Also, the adapter has sealed bearings and liquid cooling. The kit includes three cylinders with pressurized coolant.

Hydraulic Chainsaw

Hydraulic ChainsawThe hydraulic saw does not have great speed, but it works very comfortable, quiet and smooth. Even an elderly person can work all day. Hydraulic saw does not need care (excluding care chain and bar) and the vibration completely absent! But if you choose a larger model, it will be difficult due to the massive hoses. People love these saws because you never need to start the engine (as in gasoline saws), and there’s no smoke and noise.

Chainsaw attachments — Tapered Tenon Joinery

Насадка для бензопилы Конический шипорезIt allows you to quickly and easily make a mortise (fixing) Joiner spikes. Available in several versions for different cartridges. Can not be used with a stationary drilling machine.

Chainsaw water pump attachment

Насадки для бензопилы Водяной насосAttachments water pump — a centrifugal pump capacity of about 5000 liters / hour for watering the garden or lawn to wash the car, pump the water out of the cellar or excavation of the foundation for an emergency water supply houses, etc. Attachment water pump consists of a bracket for mounting attachments to the chainsaw and belt drive. Before starting it is necessary to connect the hose to the water intake, connect the garden hose and pour water into the pump housing. You can then start to pump water from a well, tank, lake or river.

Chainsaw debarker attachment (drum)

Насадка для бензопилы Дебаркер барабанныйChainsaw attachments «debarker drum» is designed to clean  logs of bark, branches and growths. Attachments debarker consists of an arm (usually a pipe or housing complex shape). The cutter is mounted in a bearing assembly with a protective shield and a pulley for a belt drive. On chainsaw instead of the clutch drive pulley set is a chain mounted bracket debarker.

Chainsaw debarker attachment (disc)

Насадка для бензопилы Дебаркер дисковыйAttachments «debarker disc» is intended to cut the longitudinal, transverse and mounting slots. To cut cavities, recesses, etc.

Chainsaw attachments – Trencher

TrencherChainsaw trencher attachment (or «earthen Saw») will make a slit in the ground 4 cm wide and a depth of 70 cm of any shape, and then remove the earth from the trench (see video). The trench can be dug easily, quickly and cheaply, anywhere, anytime. Attachments for chain saws «Trencher» has a reinforced chain with self-sharpening carbide teeth. Wide trenches for large diameter pipes and foundations can do, cutting two parallel cuts and then easily remove the ground with a shovel. Using attachments «trencher» can dig a straight trench, a trench at an angle of 90 ° or any shaped trench. No need to rent expensive earth moving equipment. Attachments for chain saws «Trencher» allows you to make a trench without assistance. Price

Chainsaw trimmer attachment

Chainsaw attachment - Trimmer It allows the use of a chainsaw as a trimmer and brush cutter. Very useful in rural areas and for mowing roadsides.

Chainsaw snow thrower attachment

Насадка для бензопилы СнегоуборщикAttachments for chainsaws «snow thrower», which is designed to clear (by throwing), garden paths, car parking areas and other areas of freshly fallen snow.

Winch attachment for chainsaw

Насадка для бензопилы ЛебедкаChainsaw attachments «Winch» is designed for pulling out a stuck vehicle, vehicle loading on a trailer to pull a boat to shore, pulling out trees, lifting and moving construction materials, to move a plow in the garden (as in the video), etc. Accessories winch: an additional mechanism for increased drawbar pull and changing the direction of movement of the cable, brackets, hooks, anchors, straps for securing the trunk of a tree, a rock, the ground or a car. For use with attachments «Winch» you need more a powerful chainsaw (eg with a chainsaw Stihl MS 660 winch traction creates more than 2 tons), to perform the job and to not burn the clutch or not to overheat the motor chainsaw.

Chainsaw attachments – Drill

Насадка для бензопилы ДрельAttachments «Drill» can be quickly installed on any chainsaw.

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    1. Koviack installing gate hinges and power company linesmans work

      1. +Terry Jenkins oh i’m a bone driller and thought it would be neat to use

        1. put A shaft with a prop on it and mount it on a kayak or those small inflatables rafts

          1. +Terry Jenkins we drill the marrow out of cadavers for medical research. so we don’t have to put them back together or anything, just an extraction

    2. There are alot of uses foe a drill like this in wood working. Drilling dowel holes, drilling through large posts for anchor wire or guid wires, drill holes if floors for wiring, drilling piles for bolts. Get the idea? This would be really handy if you build way back in the woods.

  1. That is certainly one way to use the drill attachment 🙂 Does your current tool work well enough?

  2. Chainsaw attachments «Winch» — Class. Funny guys ))) Well done guys … )))

  3. Bradd Petersen:

    brillant video (attachments winch). Hello where can i buy these chainsaw winches from what brand are they ?? thankyou very much have a great day from down under Australia

  4. Bradd Petersen:

    Hello, how do i find all the brand names or the attachment s and where to buy them from, thank you very much have a great day from down under Australia

  5. Bradd Petersen:

    Hello, trying to work out what all the brand names are to these attachments and where to buy them from ???. Thank you very much have a great day from down under Australia.

  6. this is totally awesome!! I dont know how I never thought of this before! Hahaha we can do anything with chainsaw!! I am awaiting more creative ideas in the future!

  7. So many useful things!!! Im excited to try it out in the future and cant wait to see what they come up with next! Haha give me a chainsaw!!

  8. Its too cool!! If they keep coming up with genius attachments, then chainsaws might take over the world!! I love it!!!

  9. Hello Valery,
    Thanks for good site!
    Is it possible to order the cleaver attachment shown on your site? Do you ship to Croatia?
    Thanks for your help. Waiting to hear from you.

  10. ba daca erau romani mai ziceam ca is inventivi =))) — Winch attachment for chainsaw

  11. cabrestante. un dia de uso y chau motosierra . no estan echa para hacer fuerza

  12. Winch. Use one day and goodbye chainsaw. They do not take into account the overload.

  13. Dýza na motorovou pílou «navijak». Dá sa dať aj videjko ako je to zostrojene ten navyjak na tu pílu ďakujem.

  14. when you eat too fast u need to poop on it — winch attachment for chainsaw

  15. Валерий:

    The owners of chain saws with attachments from Australia, North America, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom learned about the additional features of their chainsaws.

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