Архив рубрики: Триммер

Рубрика «Триммер» (бензокоса, мотокоса, электрокоса) — особенности эксплуатации, ремонт своими руками, комментарии пользователей. Найм.

Trimmer attachments – 1

Насадки для триммера

The following attachments are shown here:
(the information is intended for residents of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
— Attachment Drill for petrol trimmer (works without electricity);
— Attachment Runner wheels, to work with a brush;
— Attachment Lopper, working on the principle of a handsaw;
— Attachment Cultivator to loosen  flower beds;
— Attachment Chainsaw to cut branches to a height of 4.5 meters from the ground;
— Attachment Reducer, for instance, as a motor for a bicycle;
— Attachment Water pump for pumping water from a well or lake;
— Attachment Bristle and Sweeper Brush for garden paths and lawns.  Читать далее Trimmer attachments – 1

Trimmer attachments – 2

Насадки для триммера

Continued. The following attachments are shown here:
— Attachment Hedge Trimmer for cutting hedges and shrubs;
— Attachment lawn Aerator for the destruction of a crust on the surface of the lawn;
— Attachment Trimmer Trolley;
— Attachment Boat motor;
— Attachment Snow thrower to clean paths and the ground of snow;
— Attachment Blower for blowing fallen leaves from paths;
— Attachment Edger to align the edges of flower beds and lawns.
Let’s take a closer look at trimmer attachments.  Читать далее Trimmer attachments – 2

Carburetor adjustment trimmer (the example of Husqvarna 333R)

carburettor adjustment trimmer

Carburettor adjustment trimmer is made to improve engine performance when:
— Engine Break-in period has ended (after using the first 4-5 l. Of fuel);
— A change in part of the fuel mixture (octane gasoline and oil brand);
— A substantial change in air temperature and depression (altitude, heat, cold, frost);
— The beginning of trimmer season (after winter storage);
— Lack of confidence in the excellent work of the engine and to maximize efficiency trimmer;
— Adjusting screws themselves cranked vibration;
— Changing the engine load.  Читать далее Carburetor adjustment trimmer (the example of Husqvarna 333R)