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Under the heading «Do» describes chainsaw attachments and trimmer attachments.

Gas Trimmer

The Purpose of a gas trimmer

Gasoline trimmer(Below are the History of gas trimmers; the Future of Trimmers; the Structure of Trimmers; and the Classification of Trimmers)
The gas trimmer (petrol trimmer) is an instrument designed for cutting grass with a trimmer head or a metal blade. The foundational purpose of a trimmer is to trim a lawn in places that are unavailable to a lawnmower (around trees, bushes, around walls and fences, and on sloped surfaces). Also a trimmer is designed for independent mowing or touching up after grass has been cut by a tractor or a riding mower (for different seeds and types of grass). Читать далее Gas Trimmer

Chainsaw attachments – 1

Насадки для бензопилыDoes your chainsaw now stand without work? See another 35 ways it can be used with attachments for chainsaws.
A chainsaw is a tool that has a phenomenal potential. In addition to cutting wood, chainsaw attachments can cut metal and stone, cut into planks and beams,  drill soil and ice, pump water, pull vehicles, generate electricity, cultivate soil, swim, fly, ride, etc.  Читать далее Chainsaw attachments – 1

Chainsaw attachments — 2

Chainsaw attachmentsIn the three reviews are shown 35 types attachments for chainsaws (with descriptions, photos, video). The information is intended for residents of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
In this review are the following chainsaw attachments: Angle grinder with grinding discs, Fumigador, Rail Screwing Machine, Reducer, Grinding wheel, Cut-off unit, Cut-off saw, Ice Auger, Earth Auger, Firewood Cutting, Circular saw, Cleaver, Air compressor, Machine tool for cutting firewood chainsaw.
In the previous review are the following chainsaw attachments: Lawn mower, Hedge trimmer, Milling, Vertical milling, lawn Aerator, Boat motor, Automobile generator, Motorized bicycle, Helicopter, Tiller.
The next review will the following attachments for chainsaws: For Geological Sampling, Hydraulic Chainsaw, Tapered Tenon Joinery, Water pump, Debarker drum, Debarker disc, Trencher, Trimmer, Snow thrower, Winch, Drill (Choose!).  Читать далее Chainsaw attachments — 2

Trimmer attachments – 1

Насадки для триммераThe following attachments are shown here:
(the information is intended for residents of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
— Attachment Drill for petrol trimmer (works without electricity);
— Attachment Runner wheels, to work with a brush;
— Attachment Lopper, working on the principle of a handsaw;
— Attachment Cultivator to loosen  flower beds;
— Attachment Chainsaw to cut branches to a height of 4.5 meters from the ground;
— Attachment Reducer, for instance, as a motor for a bicycle;
— Attachment Water pump for pumping water from a well or lake;
— Attachment Bristle and Sweeper Brush for garden paths and lawns.  Читать далее Trimmer attachments – 1

Trimmer attachments – 2

Насадки для триммераContinued. The following attachments are shown here:
— Attachment Hedge Trimmer for cutting hedges and shrubs;
— Attachment lawn Aerator for the destruction of a crust on the surface of the lawn;
— Attachment Trimmer Trolley;
— Attachment Boat motor;
— Attachment Snow thrower to clean paths and the ground of snow;
— Attachment Blower for blowing fallen leaves from paths;
— Attachment Edger to align the edges of flower beds and lawns.
Let’s take a closer look at trimmer attachments.  Читать далее Trimmer attachments – 2

Carburetor adjustment trimmer (the example of Husqvarna 333R)

carburettor adjustment trimmerCarburettor adjustment trimmer is made to improve engine performance when:
— Engine Break-in period has ended (after using the first 4-5 l. Of fuel);
— A change in part of the fuel mixture (octane gasoline and oil brand);
— A substantial change in air temperature and depression (altitude, heat, cold, frost);
— The beginning of trimmer season (after winter storage);
— Lack of confidence in the excellent work of the engine and to maximize efficiency trimmer;
— Adjusting screws themselves cranked vibration;
— Changing the engine load.  Читать далее Carburetor adjustment trimmer (the example of Husqvarna 333R)