Chainsaw attachments – 1

Насадки для бензопилыDoes your chainsaw now stand without work? See another 35 ways it can be used with attachments for chainsaws.
A chainsaw is a tool that has a phenomenal potential. In addition to cutting wood, chainsaw attachments can cut metal and stone, cut into planks and beams,  drill soil and ice, pump water, pull vehicles, generate electricity, cultivate soil, swim, fly, ride, etc. 
Features chainsaw that provide it a great potential. First of all, it is a powerful (in relation to its weight) compact and reliable gasoline engine capable of operating in harsh environments. The membrane type carburetor and sealed fuel system allows the chainsaw to work in different positions. The successful design of a centrifugal clutch reliably protects the system and components chainsaw overload and damage. Simple PTO — to the output shaft of the tool is easy to attach any attachments. And, finally, to the merits of chainsaws refers autonomy, allowing to use it anywhere.

Chainsaw attachments — Lawn mower

Насадка для бензопилы ГазонокосилкаThe mower of chainsaws has more power compared to the same lawn mowers. In addition, it is not afraid of wet grass, like an electric mower.

Hedge trimmer attachment for chainsaw

Насадка для бензопилы Садовые ножницыAttachment the hedge shears allows you to trim hedges and ornamental shrubs. The length of the working body — 55 cm, attachment weight — 2 kg, cut the branches with a diameter of 2 cm.

Chainsaw Milling Attachment

Насадки для бензопилыAttachments saws for longitudinal sawing logs in a horizontal plane. It consists of a timber fixing mechanism, attachment for saw and guide. Attachments for chain saws can have a frame (for hardness) and attached to the bus at both ends — at the beginning and at the end. The device on the chainsaw should be secured so as to be able to adjust the distance between the frame and the chain. This allows planks to be cut with varying thickness. It is better to choose a special chain for a longitudinal cut (they have a different angle of sharpening the teeth).Chainsaw attachments Chainsaw attachments. The guide may be made of metal or hard flat board. This allows you to cut the board with consistent thickness. When sawing logs longitudinally Chainsaw Milling Attachmentyou need to make sure that the boards have the same thickness over the entire width. Since the density of the wood on the north side is greater than on the south, it is necessary to cut in a plane from east to west (or vice versa). To  protect the chainsaw from becoming clamped in the gap it is necessary lodge wedges into the gap.

Chainsaws vertical milling attachment

Насадка для бензопилы для распиловки бревен в вертикальной плоскостиAttachments saws for longitudinal cutting of logs in a vertical plane. This is a fairly simple device, as the adapter is attached to the bus only at the beginning, and the guide bar provides a rectilinear movement along the rail adapter board. This simplified design leads to loose ends of the bus when sawing thick logs attached equipment does not provide the desired accuracy of cut (rough planks can be obtained, especially when sawing thick logs chainsaw improperly sharpened chain). It should also be noted that the chainsaw attachment for sawing logs in the horizontal plane provides more convenience in use than devices for a chainsaw cutting in a vertical plane (without bending).

Chainsaw attachments – lawn Aerator

Насадка для бензопилы АэраторAttachments «lawn aerator» is designed to break the soil crust lawn, which can be formed after a heavy watering or rain (or trampling) and prevent the exchange of air in the soil of the lawn. If the lawn is more than 5 years old, it is also necessary to aerate piercing the soil, filling it with air.

Chainsaw attachments — Boat motor

Насадка для бензопилы "Лодочный мотор"Attachments «boat motor» is applied to the metal and wooden boats with transom height of up to 380 mm. The device has a gear with a transmission ratio of 2: 1 and a three-bladed propeller. Depending on the power of the chainsaw motor the headwind and whether there is a counter-flow of the river, the boat can reach speeds up to 20 km / h with a fuel consumption of 1 liter / hour. Chainsaw attachments «Boat motor» is very noisy which is important for fishermen, hunters and lovers of silence to know (it may be necessary to have boat oars).

Attachments for chainsaws «Automobile generator» (12 V, 0.7 kW)

Attachments for chainsaws "Automobile generator"Technical characteristics of the generator:
The generator of the car;
Generator Rated Power: 0.7 kW;
Generator Max Power: 0.91 kW;
Operating voltage: 13.6 — 14.2 in.
Accessories: voltmeter, ammeter, the relay controller.

Chainsaw attachments — Motorized bicycle

Насадка для бензопилы "Велосипед с мотором"Also mopeds, motorcycles, go-karting, snowmobiles, etc.
This attachment represents a reduction gear (worm, gear, chain or belt). Also included are details of mounting the chainsaw on a bicycle — in the middle of the bicycle frame near the rear wheel of a bicycle or near the front wheel of the bicycle. The driven pulley or sprocket on the drive wheel and the accelerator handle are also needed.

Chainsaw attachments — Helicopter

Насадка для бензопилы "Параплан"Also model aircraft, paraglider and hang-glider.
Light helicopters X-3, X-4, X-5. Each helicopter has 4 forced and synchronized motors from the chainsaw, working through a common gear on the helicopter rotor. The video — a modern analogue (Japanese GEN H-4).

Tiller with the engine from the chainsaw

Мотоблок из бензопилыEngine chainsaw «D-4»: single-cylinder, two-stroke, carburetor, air cooling, engine capacity — 94 cc, power — 4 hp, weight — 12 kg. In addition to the frame (on which are mounted all the nodes tiller), wheels and attachment to the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to calculate and to make or buy a torque transfer mechanism from the engine to the drive wheels (simple mission — two gears). This is the largest chainsaw attachment. Motoblock (Behind tractor) can be equipped with attachments — hiller, cutter, cultivator, harrow, potato digger, etc.

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