Chainsaw attachments (full list)

Chainsaw attachments

This review shows 35 types attachments for chainsaws (with descriptions, photos, video). The information is intended for residents of North America, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand.

First a simple list of attachments for chainsaws:

  • Lawn mower
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Angle grinder with grinding discs
  • Fumigador
  • Rail Screwing Machine
  • Reducer
  • Grinding wheel
  • Cut-off unit
  • Chainsaw attachments for Geological Sampling
  • Hydraulic Chainsaw
  • Tapered Tenon Joinery
  • Chainsaw Angle Grinder Attachment (Cut-off saw)
  • Ice Auger
  • Earth Auger
  • Chainsaw Firewood Cutting Attachment
  • Circular saw
  • Cleaver
  • Air compressor
  • Machine tool for cutting firewood chainsaw
  • Chainsaw Milling Attachment
  • Chainsaws vertical milling attachment
  • lawn Aerator
  • Boat motor
  • Automobile generator
  • Motorized bicycle
  • Helicopter
  • Tiller
  • Water pump
  • Chainsaw debarker attachment (drum)
  • Chainsaw debarker attachment (disc)
  • Trencher
  • Trimmer
  • Snow thrower
  • Winch
  • Drill

Does your chainsaw now stand without work? See another 35 ways it can be used with chainsaw attachments.

A chainsaw is a tool that has a phenomenal potential. In addition to cutting wood, chainsaw attachments can cut metal and stone, cut into planks and beams,  drill soil and ice, pump water, pull vehicles, generate electricity, cultivate soil, swim, fly, ride, etc.
Features chainsaw that provide it a great potential. First of all, it is a powerful (in relation to its weight) compact and reliable gasoline engine capable of operating in harsh environments. The membrane type carburetor and sealed fuel system allows the chainsaw to work in different positions. The successful design of a centrifugal clutch reliably protects the system and components chainsaw overload and damage. Simple PTO — to the output shaft of the tool is easy to attach any attachments. And, finally, to the merits of chainsaws refers autonomy, allowing to use it anywhere.

Chainsaw attachments — Lawn mower

Насадка для бензопилы ГазонокосилкаThe mower of chainsaws has more power compared to the same lawn mowers. In addition, it is not afraid of wet grass, like an electric mower.

Hedge trimmer attachment for chainsaw

Насадка для бензопилы Садовые ножницыAttachment the hedge shears allows you to trim hedges and ornamental shrubs. The length of the working body — 55 cm, attachment weight — 2 kg, cut the branches with a diameter of 2 cm.

Chainsaw attachments — Angle grinder with grinding discs

Болгарка с твердосплавным обдирочным кругомIt allows you to clean the bark from the wood. Can replace milling debarker.

Chainsaw fumigador attachment

Насадка для бензопилы ФумигаторThis attachment is a lightweight thermal inhaler, which poisons ants, killing the entire colony by asphyxia ing 10 minutes. Fumigator has no effect on crops. Weight — 3.6 kg. Tank Capacity — 2 liters.

Chainsaw attachments — Rail Screwing Machine

Насадка для бензопилы Железнодорожный торцевой ключThis attachment designed for use in the construction and repair of railway.

Chainsaw reducer attachment

Насадка для бензопилы РедукторThis attachment designed to connect the chainsaw to augers, drill, trimmer, etc.

Attachment for chainsaw «Grinding wheel»

Chainsaw attachments – Grinding wheelAttachments for grinding internal surfaces of parts (inside holes, pipes, cavities).

Chainsaw attachments — Cut-off unit

Насадка для бензопилы Шлифовальный кругThis attachment differs from the angle grinder with a higher capacity, a horizontal cutting wheel, powerful reducer (instead of belt drive), good ergonomics and good defense.

Chainsaw attachments for Geological Sampling

Chainsaw attachments for Geological SamplingThis attachment is designed for the extraction of geological samples by drilling in hard rock. It is also used in case of accidents, fires and rescue operations. The adapter is made of anodised high strength aluminum alloy, the tip — heavy diamond drill bit with stainless steel shank. Also, the adapter has sealed bearings and liquid cooling. The kit includes three cylinders with pressurized coolant.

Hydraulic Chainsaw

Hydraulic ChainsawThe hydraulic saw does not have great speed, but it works very comfortable, quiet and smooth. Even an elderly person can work all day. Hydraulic saw does not need care (excluding care chain and bar) and the vibration completely absent! But if you choose a larger model, it will be difficult due to the massive hoses. People love these saws because you never need to start the engine (as in gasoline saws), and there’s no smoke and noise.

Chainsaw attachments — Tapered Tenon Joinery

Насадка для бензопилы Конический шипорезIt allows you to quickly and easily make a mortise (fixing) Joiner spikes. Available in several versions for different cartridges. Can not be used with a stationary drilling machine.

Chainsaw Angle Grinder Attachment (Cut-off saw)

Насадка для бензопилы БолгаркаAttachment for chainsaws «Power cutter» is a body on which is mounted belt drive for the cutting wheel drive. Belt drive consists of a drive pulley bearings (which is installed in place of the clutch chainsaw), the belt and the driven pulley with a flange for fixing the cut-off wheel. Power cutters that can cut metal, stone, brick or concrete, depending on the type of cut-off wheel. The parameters of the cutting circle: maximum diameter — 180 mm, mounting hole — 22 mm, belt — 670 Z.

Chainsaw attachments — Ice Auger

Насадка для бензопилы Мотобур для льдаAttachments drill designed for drilling holes in the ice with a diameter of 20-35 cm. Attachments need a reduction gear to reduce the speed of the drill up to 150 rev / min. Options include a belt drive or a mechanical reductor. This determines the reliability, durability and price attachment auger equipment. The advantage of attachments for chainsaw augers is that it is used rarely and buying a separate device for drilling holes is impractical (best to use attachments for chainsaws to save funds and use equipment more effectively). The main chainsaw: STIHL (from the MS180 to MS250). Screw diameter: 200-350 mm. Screw length: 1 m. Maximum speed: 150 rev / min.

Chainsaw attachments — Earth Auger

Насадка для бензопилы Мотобур для грунтаHow to install attachment MB-2 on the chainsaw. Remove from the chainsaw clutch (light blow in the direction of the arrow unscrew the grip counterclockwise) and remove everything that is on the shaft — washer, sprocket, another washer. Then, put the adapter, which is included (screwed onto the shaft counterclockwise until it stops), put the bushing, install attachments, spin two nuts, check the clutch rotation (it should be free), tighten the screws completely. Then we set the auger, fix it and put a safety screw. Attachments for chainsaws Earth Auger installed. MB-2 is a device for chain saws STIHL (from the MS180 to MS250) and is intended for drilling holes in the ground with a diameter of 200-350 mm.

Technical characteristics of the attachments for chainsaw «auger for soil» MB-2 (Earth Auger).
Attachments for chainsaw «auger for soil»The gear ratio is 1:56.
The diameter of the drill is 200 mm.
The number of revolutions at full power is 150 rpm.
The length of the auger is 1000 mm

Chainsaw Firewood Cutting Attachment

Насадка для бензопилы Приподнять и удержатьThis attachment for chainsaw allows you to lift and secure the log. This is done to ensure that the chain does not touch the ground (can extend the life of the chain). This attachments for chainsaw helps cut logs easily and safely.

Chainsaw attachments — Circular saw

Насадка для бензопилы Циркулярная пилаAttachment circular saws are quite rare in our workshops and garages, but look at the video as it is effective — quick and easy to trim the board and more. The principle of operation is the same as that of the attachment for the saw ‘Power cutters «. But then there is still a base plate, fabricated and other protection in place of the cutting circle — a circular saw.

Attachment for chainsaw «Cleaver»

Насадка для бензопилы ДровоколAttachments «Cleaver» is intended for splitting firewood length 40-80 cm. Cleaver consists of a step-down reducer (1:56) and a conical screw tip. The cone can be one of three sizes for different purposes.

Chainsaw air compressor attachment

Насадка для бензопилы КомпрессорAttachments compressor designed for inflating air rubber boats, wheels of the car, to connect a spray gun to purge a carburetor, etc. Attachments for chainsaw compressor has a pressure gauge.

Machine tool for cutting firewood chainsaw

Machine tool for cutting firewood chainsawNo comments (watch video).

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Chainsaw Milling Attachment

Насадки для бензопилыAttachments saws for longitudinal sawing logs in a horizontal plane. It consists of a timber fixing mechanism, attachment for saw and guide. Attachments for chain saws can have a frame (for hardness) Насадки для бензопилыand attached to the bus at both ends — at the beginning and at the end. The device on the chainsaw should be secured so as to be able to adjust the distance between the frame and the chain. This allows planks to be cut with varying thickness. It is better to choose a special chain for a longitudinal cut (they have a different angle of sharpening the teeth).Chainsaw attachments Chainsaw attachments. The guide may be made of metal or hard flat board. This allows you to cut the board with consistent thickness. When sawing logs longitudinally Chainsaw Milling Attachmentyou need to make sure that the boards have the same thickness over the entire width. Since the density of the wood on the north side is greater than on the south, it is necessary to cut in a plane from east to west (or vice versa). To  protect the chainsaw from becoming clamped in the gap it is necessary lodge wedges into the gap.

Chainsaws vertical milling attachment

Насадка для бензопилы для распиловки бревен в вертикальной плоскостиAttachments saws for longitudinal cutting of logs in a vertical plane. This is a fairly simple device, as the adapter is attached to the bus only at the beginning, and the guide bar provides a rectilinear movement along the rail adapter board. This simplified design leads to loose ends of the bus when sawing thick logs attached equipment does not provide the desired accuracy of cut (rough planks can be obtained, especially when sawing thick logs chainsaw improperly sharpened chain). It should also be noted that the chainsaw attachment for sawing logs in the horizontal plane provides more convenience in use than devices for a chainsaw cutting in a vertical plane (without bending).

Chainsaw attachments – lawn Aerator

Насадка для бензопилы АэраторAttachments «lawn aerator» is designed to break the soil crust lawn, which can be formed after a heavy watering or rain (or trampling) and prevent the exchange of air in the soil of the lawn. If the lawn is more than 5 years old, it is also necessary to aerate piercing the soil, filling it with air.

Chainsaw attachments — Boat motor

Насадка для бензопилы "Лодочный мотор"Attachments «boat motor» is applied to the metal and wooden boats with transom height of up to 380 mm. The device has a gear with a transmission ratio of 2: 1 and a three-bladed propeller. Depending on the power of the chainsaw motor the headwind and whether there is a counter-flow of the river, the boat can reach speeds up to 20 km / h with a fuel consumption of 1 liter / hour. Chainsaw attachments «Boat motor» is very noisy which is important for fishermen, hunters and lovers of silence to know (it may be necessary to have boat oars).

Attachments for chainsaws «Automobile generator» (12 V, 0.7 kW)

Attachments for chainsaws "Automobile generator"Technical characteristics of the generator:
The generator of the car;
Generator Rated Power: 0.7 kW;
Generator Max Power: 0.91 kW;
Operating voltage: 13.6 — 14.2 in.
Accessories: voltmeter, ammeter, the relay controller.

Chainsaw attachments — Motorized bicycle

Насадка для бензопилы "Велосипед с мотором"Also mopeds, motorcycles, go-karting, snowmobiles, etc.
This attachment represents a reduction gear (worm, gear, chain or belt). Also included are details of mounting the chainsaw on a bicycle — in the middle of the bicycle frame near the rear wheel of a bicycle or near the front wheel of the bicycle. The driven pulley or sprocket on the drive wheel and the accelerator handle are also needed.

Chainsaw attachments — Helicopter

Насадка для бензопилы "Параплан"Also model aircraft, paraglider and hang-glider.
Light helicopters X-3, X-4, X-5. Each helicopter has 4 forced and synchronized motors from the chainsaw, working through a common gear on the helicopter rotor. The video — a modern analogue (Japanese GEN H-4).

Tiller with the engine from the chainsaw

Мотоблок из бензопилыEngine chainsaw «D-4»: single-cylinder, two-stroke, carburetor, air cooling, engine capacity — 94 cc, power — 4 hp, weight — 12 kg. In addition to the frame (on which are mounted all the nodes tiller), wheels and attachment to the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to calculate and to make or buy a torque transfer mechanism from the engine to the drive wheels (simple mission — two gears). This is the largest chainsaw attachment. Motoblock (Behind tractor) can be equipped with attachments — hiller, cutter, cultivator, harrow, potato digger, etc.

Chainsaw water pump attachment

Насадки для бензопилы Водяной насосAttachments water pump — a centrifugal pump capacity of about 5000 liters / hour for watering the garden or lawn to wash the car, pump the water out of the cellar or excavation of the foundation for an emergency water supply houses, etc. Attachment water pump consists of a bracket for mounting attachments to the chainsaw and belt drive. Before starting it is necessary to connect the hose to the water intake, connect the garden hose and pour water into the pump housing. You can then start to pump water from a well, tank, lake or river.

Chainsaw debarker attachment (drum)

Насадка для бензопилы Дебаркер барабанныйChainsaw attachments «debarker drum» is designed to clean  logs of bark, branches and growths. Attachments debarker consists of an arm (usually a pipe or housing complex shape). The cutter is mounted in a bearing assembly with a protective shield and a pulley for a belt drive. On chainsaw instead of the clutch drive pulley set is a chain mounted bracket debarker.

Chainsaw debarker attachment (disc)

Насадка для бензопилы Дебаркер дисковыйAttachments «debarker disc» is intended to cut the longitudinal, transverse and mounting slots. To cut cavities, recesses, etc.

Chainsaw attachments – Trencher

TrencherChainsaw trencher attachment (or «earthen Saw») will make a slit in the ground 4 cm wide and a depth of 70 cm of any shape, and then remove the earth from the trench (see video). The trench can be dug easily, quickly and cheaply, anywhere, anytime. Attachments for chain saws «Trencher» has a reinforced chain with self-sharpening carbide teeth. Wide trenches for large diameter pipes and foundations can do, cutting two parallel cuts and then easily remove the ground with a shovel. Using attachments «trencher» can dig a straight trench, a trench at an angle of 90 ° or any shaped trench. No need to rent expensive earth moving equipment. Attachments for chain saws «Trencher» allows you to make a trench without assistance.

Chainsaw trimmer attachment

Chainsaw attachment - Trimmer It allows the use of a chainsaw as a trimmer and brush cutter. Very useful in rural areas and for mowing roadsides.

Chainsaw snow thrower attachment

Насадка для бензопилы СнегоуборщикAttachments for chainsaws «snow thrower», which is designed to clear (by throwing), garden paths, car parking areas and other areas of freshly fallen snow.

Winch attachment for chainsaw

Насадка для бензопилы ЛебедкаChainsaw attachments «Winch» is designed for pulling out a stuck vehicle, vehicle loading on a trailer to pull a boat to shore, pulling out trees, lifting and moving construction materials, to move a plow in the garden (as in the video), etc. Accessories winch: an additional mechanism for increased drawbar pull and changing the direction of movement of the cable, brackets, hooks, anchors, straps for securing the trunk of a tree, a rock, the ground or a car. For use with attachments «Winch» you need more a powerful chainsaw (eg with a chainsaw Stihl MS 660 winch traction creates more than 2 tons), to perform the job and to not burn the clutch or not to overheat the motor chainsaw.

Chainsaw attachments – Drill

Насадка для бензопилы ДрельAttachments «Drill» can be quickly installed on any chainsaw.

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